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To the woman who feels nothing works...

Making healthy EASY, one heart at a time.


You look in the mirror and see what you’ve been told by yourself and others.

You know deep down that there is something special about you, but you don’t

have the confidence to take action, let alone where to begin.

Your physical pain & stiffness slows you down but the last thing you want to do is workout.

Meanwhile, the words you were told as a child whisper in your ear day after day.

You can’t seem to find a solution, just something that will take the pain away.

You feel like there is a shining light in you but it’s covered up and held down by

your emotions, the extra weight you can’t seem to lose, and your physical pain and stiffness.

You find yourslef relying on prepackaged & fast food because your not sure how to balance your health,

not with everything else going on in life that matters more than…quality of life?

You’re miserable one second, content the next, you don’t know how to balance life.

You’re sick of spinning in this constant cycle.

You look for that magic cream or pill that will take away the pain, stiffness, excess weight…

you can’t find what works for your unique body & life.

You constantly stumble between “being good” & falling back into old habits & flashbacks of

being told you’re worthless and never going to make it.

You want to workout because you know it’s good for you, but how do you expect yourself

to handle that if you can hardly motivate yourself to get our of bed in the morning?

You’re ready to commit to something greater for yourself & your overall health, but you don’t know where to begin.

I hear you. You:

  • don’t understand what foods are “good” or “bad” (“are carbs bad? does fat make me fat? why is this so confusing?”)
  • don’t want to waste time cooking/preparing food
  • don’t want to spend a lot of $$$ on cooking healthy meals
  • let past memories control your actions today and stop you from moving forward in your life and health
  • want to enjoy adding movement into your daily routine but have no motivation


This can change TODAY.


If you’re ready to:

  • start adding movement/working out into your life in a manageble & fun way
  • learn how to take the hard out of healthy and make your own food without wasting time
  • learn how to feel your best, strengthen your spiritual health, your soul, your muscles and overall health & wellbeing.
  • discover your true capabilities and desires by strengthening yourself inside & out.
  • learn how to let the past experiences be your motivator to move forward, not what slows you down.


This program is not for everyone…but it is for you if you:


  • are ready to put in the work to FINALLY create a system that works for you
  • have unhealthy habits that you are ready to let go of
  • are ready to work through the BS that is keeping you stuck today
  • want to feel supported, motivated, and live abundantly
  • are ready to let go of old beliefs about yourself and others
  • are ready to learn how & why you are worthy of living abundantly and honor your health
  • want the mindset & lifestyle tools to help you live abundantly, confidently and healthy all with balance
  • want to wake up excited to keep moving forward


Additional details on the program:

  • 12 weeks of live coaching & lessons in a small group setting
  • Create a system for your health that allows you to implement movement in your daily routine
  • Gain 24/7 access to the private Facebook page only for members of this program
  • Gain access to several of my quick & easy recreated recipes (protein pancakes, cupcakes, & waffles included!)
  • Live cooking, baking and meal prep with Emma
  • Discover simple diet and lifestyle changes that work for your unique body & life
  • Learn which actions to take to change the habits that are holding you back from serving yourself and others
  • Handout lessons that you can keep forever and ever
  • Learn what cognitive restructuring is and how it impacts your behavior in your brain
  • Discover how nutrition and mindset shifting control all areas of your life, and can impact you both physically and mentally

Prework begins August 6th, 2018

In this free call with me, you’ll learn exactly WHY you’re stuck, WHAT is holding you back, and if this program is a good fit for you

There’s nothing to lose – this is a FREE call focused on you.

Space is VERY LIMITED so book your free clarity call now.

More about Emma


Hey there! I’m Emma, Certified Holistic Health Coach. I specialize in helping women take the hard out of healthy, and create a system with them that actually allows them to follow through. I teach everything from the basics of nutrition to coaching the inner deep work that holds us all back from actually doing what we know we “should” do.

For years I suffered from feeling unworthy to live abundantly and feeling like others deserved more, not me. Seriously, I had no confidence. I started college majoring in Biology (gag me – this was not my passion) with plans to attend medical school to become an Oncologist. I thought if I could help save lives and make a great income others would see me as worthy and successful. I thought this is what would bring me the feeling of joy and worthiness…WRONG!

After working in the nursing field after high school I realized that I wanted to heal from the inside out, both with lifestyle and mindset shifting. I threw away my 10K college scholarship and became self-employed as a Certified Holistic Health Coach. After years of restrictive eating, feelings of unworthiness, and lacking living out my purpose, I finally found my calling. This is what I’m here to do, to serve others and to call them to the next level. I don’t have to become thinner to get approval from others, I’m not different than anyone else, we can all live out our passion with self-worth and abundance.

With today’s diet culture it can be EXTREMELY confusing to balance a healthy lifestyle and find something that is sustainable. What I eat, how I eat, and my mindset is what sealed the deal for me. I FOUND BALANCE! You don’t have to restrict what you eat. Discover how foods make you feel and take note of that. I would have paid a fortune for someone to teach me these sustainable ways to balance life in a healthy and happy way. But instead I took years of trial and error to learn what actually works and what definitely doesn’t work. 

Book your free clarity call now before limited spots fill up.

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